Spirit son of spirit

The Nieuw Amsterdam entered service with Holland America Line in July 1983, doing a transatlantic crossing from Le Havre to New York. [1] [5] Following her maiden voyage she was used for cruising in the Caribbean during the northern hemisphere winter seasons and cruises out of Vancouver to Alaska during the summer seasons. In April 1984 she was joined in service by her sister MS  Noordam  (1984) , which operated similar itineraries. [7] As the HAL fleet grew from the late 1980s onwards, the Nieuw Amsterdam ' s itineraries widened to various destination around the world. [8] In 1989 the Holland America Line was acquired by the Carnival Corporation , but HAL remained a separate entity. [7]

The Filioque is included in the form of the Niceno-Constantinopolitan Creed used in most Western Christian churches, first appearing in the 6th century. [2] [ contradictory ] It was accepted by the popes only in 1014 and is rejected by the Eastern Orthodox Church , Oriental Orthodox Churches and Church of the East . It is not in the original text of this Creed, attributed to the second ecumenical council , Constantinople I (381), which says that the Holy Spirit proceeds "from the Father", without additions of any kind, such as "and the Son" or "alone"; [3] the Latin text now in use in most Western Churches speaks of the Holy Spirit as proceeding "from the Father and the Son ".

Spirit Son Of SpiritSpirit Son Of SpiritSpirit Son Of SpiritSpirit Son Of Spirit