Louie ramirez and his conjunto chango vibes galore

After receiving word that a man-cub is being taken to the Man-Village, but wants to remain in the jungle, Louie sees this as an opportunity to finally succeed in his goal to learn the secret of "man's red flower" (the animal term for "fire"), and sends his bandar-log minions to retrieve him. The monkey minions kidnap the man-cub, Mowgli, and delivers him to Louie, who introduces himself as the boy's "cousin", with intentions on granting Mowgli his wish to stay in the jungle, so long as the latter fulfills his end of the bargain. Mowgli agrees, and through the song "I Wanna Be Like You", Louie laments his desire to become a man and asks Mowgli how to create the "red flower". Unfortunately for Louie, Mowgli has no knowledge of how to create fire or what he is talking about.

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In early 1972, Alda auditioned for and was selected to play the role of Hawkeye Pierce in the TV adaptation of the 1970 film MASH . [7] He was nominated for 21 Emmy Awards , and won five. He took part in writing 19 episodes, including the 1983 2½-hour series finale Goodbye, Farewell and Amen , which was also the 32nd episode he directed. It remains the single most-watched episode of any American broadcast network television series. [7] Alda is the only series regular to appear in all 251 episodes. [18]

The ' TRIBUTE TO NILS LOFGREN' DVD is available to order at

The Tribute to Nils was an unforgettable concert held at Strathmore, on August 22, 2004, and was attended by more than 5,000 fans. The DVD runs about 3 & 1/2 hours & features an 11 song (full band) set from Nils and includes the long awaited Grin reunion with Bob Berberic h and Tom Lofgren along with Bob Gordons son, Billy on bass. There are terrific performances from Mary Ann Redmond, Tommy Lepson, Tommy Keene, Martha Hull, The Lofgren Brothers, Bobby Manriquez, Eric Ambel, Tom Lofgren,Tom Miller, Julie Sanderson, Bob Berberich, Rocky Roberts and Eric Brace all backed by various Nils band mates including Buck Brown, Timm Biery, Jeffrey "Skunk" Baxter, Mike Zack, Louie Newmyer, Chuck Sullivan , and myself. The show also featured one of the final performances by the late, great Wade Matthews .

At Nils request, dvd sales proceeds (after production expenses) will be donated to Hungry For Music , a wonderful . based 501C organization that donates instruments and provides music education programs to children and schools that cannot afford them. It is a very worthy cause, near and dear to Nils and all of the performers who have agreed to its support, via dvd sales. We are forever grateful to all of the musicians for theirkindness & generosity

The show was filmed by John Collins and Happy Medium Productions, mixed by Tom Lofgren and recorded on 24 tracks by John Penovich .

Boomer, Jeremy and the rest of Nils crew made the whole show possible by donating their time and expertise to allow us to produce such a complicated show with band lineups changing on virtually every song.

The dvd, like the show, reflects the tremendous love and respect that performers and fans alike, have for Nils and his music. We are very pleased and proud to finally have this show on dvd and hope everyone will have as much fun seeing it as we had putting it together.

Ronnie Newmyer & BANDHOUSE GIGS

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Louie Ramirez And His Conjunto Chango Vibes GaloreLouie Ramirez And His Conjunto Chango Vibes GaloreLouie Ramirez And His Conjunto Chango Vibes GaloreLouie Ramirez And His Conjunto Chango Vibes Galore