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This genealogy report is about Marshall genealogy mapping out every one and family relation I can trace including the Native American mixes .It contains 149561 individuals and 66375 families, and also 5 Pictures from the family tree. updated DEC 2009
this site is only for those who want the TRUTH and OMG we have been lied to~!

CLEARLY many Native Americans are involved with the many broken Marshall trees. "Trader" Marshall is just one big mystery.

the Marshall tree is intermixed with Shawnee, Wyandot, Cherokee and nearly every other tribe of Native Americans
my research is currently centering around Chief John Ross and family names such as Love, Colbert, Fountain/Fontaine

In order to get the answers we must relearn the history we were force fed. This country started in peace with every one living together in the land of Brotherhood. Then it started to change in the 1750's. There was a whole country full of people that were mixed. They can be called Metis, Mullato, Melungeon and they can be white+indian+black and every in between. There was no racism at one point. Someday I will find out who Col. John Marshall was. Maybe he will be like George Lowrey or John Ross? Someday I will find out. 

every little part of the puzzle counts!!!
this is an AWESOME find in an old book

I found the land of Gilbert Marshall, it is a hotel now lol

found the family that lived there of Gilbert Marshall
this is wher the Marshall's and the Craven's lived for a while after Baron Craven bought back this land.

Marshall Male lines and others linked by DNA and allied families
this will also include data from the other I dna groups and the R, E etc when I  people send me things.
3 or more Marshall women had kids named Marshall so DNA will only figure out direct male and they are not going to be "Marshall". They will be who ever the father was, Smith, Jones, etc. for example, but they will still have the Marshall surname. This is what makes different groups as well as mutations that happen to us all.

best to get genopro   http://
Be sure to click on the tree icon on a person page to see the chart.

not sure of parents of my own Aaron and back.    Other lines go back to 1650 and more
these trees are both mine and some others I found by linking to the NC Marshalls listed on familytreeDNA and and other public databases
this is for DNA purposes and some/most females are excluded. I am adding everything now in order to fill in gaps and see who was around the brickwalls. Middle names have played a key roll in this puzzle. Everyone seems to have one person in a tree with a sentence and it all needs put together using todays technology.

I, Joe Marshall, like to study all of it and use the dna trees, new software, etc to look for thing no one found before. My Aaron Marshall is an uncle or brother of one of these men. There is also a Lewis Marshall from the same era not connected yet. And others. Somewhere there is stuff we have not found. There is stuff in someones attic and basement. Lots are not into genealogy at all and have stuff we need. Someday we will find it. At some point there is a common ancestor. I will be adding some others recently found, one is Willis Marshall , WIllis is married into families such as BOURCHIER Boulware and they do in fact link to William THE Marshall, and adding another from around 1800.

My line and many of the others are NOT related to Justice John unless by marriage or way back at the beginning of the Marshall's perhaps.  My own line is I2b1 <old I1b2 (old I1c)> dna Normans line and is different than the Justice John line, another I line but they split off from each other a long time ago. The CJ line is an I dna but a bit different.  All of the I people are close somehow and R is an offshoot of I. You have to look at DNA haplo group trees, know about something called phlogeny and a few other things before you make up a bunch of family DNA groups. Software programs do not lie about it when it tells you who is close to whom.

The splits happened 100's of years ago.
If you click on the tree icon it will show you a large chart of all of these people as well as some notes and possible relatives.
You can also move the frame dividers and make the chart view larger.

If you have links or additions, Please let me know. Lets find the missing parts and knock down those brick walls.
This area in VA/PA was Augusta County and changed over the years. Parts became Westmoreland, Washington,Hancock counties , and other counties like Ohio and KY became states and parts of states like NC/SC. It was fought over by Virginia and PA. Some counties are technically in all of these states. They were forming as these people lived. Borders were moving. States created. The whole thing was in fact Nova Scotia at one point. NY was New Amsterdam Dutch before New York British

This is for Marshall's to have. And history to have. If you have data I do not have, please share. Do not hoard your info. We need you.

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